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    Beverage Caps

     Multi-Cap Double seal

     The demand for plastic screw closures is growing steadily as a result of the enormous growth being experienced in the
     global market for PET bottles. This promising development has prompted existing producers to continuously expand
     their capacity, whereas more and more new companies are also entering the market.

     Bottle closures are mass-produced where keeping the costs per moulded item as low as possible is a significant factor.
     However, the factors of dimensional accuracy and quality play a very important role, because the closure must always
     provide perfect sealing and venting properties as well as an absolutely reliable tear-off tamper evident band.

     The company, Polar Plastics cc, has introduced to the South African market a unique one piece 28mm double seal closure
     for carbonated soft drinks (CSD) which in comparison to existing closures enjoys the highest performance standards.
     The Multi-Cap double seal closure is moulded on a Netstal SynErgy injection machine that ensures permanent stable
     process quality. The standard features of the machine include closed loop process control, parrallel machine movements
     that ensure high efficient production output. The extremely sturdy machine design extends the mould life substantially,
     which in turn has positive effects on part manufacturing costs.

               Multi-Cap-Double Seal

     Liquids filled:

     -   Soft drinks containing CO2
     -   Non-carbonated beverages
     -   Mineral water
     -   Isotonic beverages

     Filling methods:

     -   Cold, warm and hot filling
     -   Pasteurization
     -   Aseptic filling

     The combination of the two sealing lips assures the quality of your product

     The Multi-Cap 28 is equipped with a tamper evident band remaining with the closure or with the bottle. This tamper evident
     band represents an ideal solution for the producer (moulding) as well for the user (capping equipment) and for the
     consumer (easy opening).

          Tamper evident band remaining with closure.                           Tamper evident band remaining with bottle.

     Advantages of the Multi-Cap Double Seal

       Tolerates damages of the bottle mouth
       Easy to close
       Compatible with Bericap and Crown Obrist
       Good guarantee function
       Consumer convenience
       Good CO2 sealing
       Easy to open