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    Welcome To Polar Plastics

     Polar Plastics cc, was established in 1996 and specialises in plastic
     screw on closures.

     We service the pharmaceutical industry, general purpose, cosmetic
     and the mineral water and beverage industry. Our closures are
     manufactured to highest quality standards and specifications.

     Polar Plastics cc is situated in Robertville Ext 10 and we have custom
     built the factory to meet our specific requirements. All our wadding is
     done in-house which ensures speedy service to our customers and
     eliminates human contact as far as possible with the closures.

     The matching colours are done to our customers requirements.
     Our range of closures is from 20mm to a 48mm closure. Polar
     Plastics cc is in continuous mould design and future developments
     with customers for their specific needs and requirements.

     Ben and his son Mike formed Polar Plastics cc some 7 years ago.
     It is today still a family run business, specializing in cap manufacture
     and distribution. Within 3 years the company was operating at a
     good profit which is reinvested into the business for research and
     development purposes.

     Mike believes the high standard of products, services and delivery
     to customers is what Polar Plastics cc is known for, a reputation,
     he feels, which will only expand and become more evident to his
     current and future client-base with the introduction of the
     Multi Cap product.

     Should you wish to contact us for further information please dont
     hesitate to contact us via email or direct telephone.

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